People are increasingly conscious of their energy use and consumption.  We are conscious of the need to reduce  energy, to conserve and use it  more effectively and efficiently.  Of course, in this, energy is the electricity, gas, or technology we use to power our homes and our workplaces, so we can maintain our lifestyle and

Starting with intent

There is a sense of satisfaction that comes at the conclusion of our shopping escapes, and it’s not always just the shiny new purchase that affirms our behaviour. When we set out on a journey to make a purchase, it’s not necessarily because we want that particular product or service, it’s because we have the

Thrive working at home

What an urgent and critical introduction to 2020! From the devastation of the Australian bushfires to the ongoing catastrophe of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is like Mother Nature has forced us to stop and have a deep think about how we’ve been behaving. How do you make sense of what is happening on a

5 stages of data analytics

Data analytics is the process of examining data sets in order to analyse and draw conclusions from historical outcomes, increasingly this is done through the aid of software such as dashboards.  There are five stages of data analytics which we will explore in this article.