Decision-making traps using data

The nature of descriptive analytics provides an array of decision-making pitfalls for marketers. By developing an awareness around common decision traps, we can use our understanding of this process to make more balanced decisions. In this article, we will reflect on the individual traps in the data-driven decision-making process, learn how to frame a problem

We are delighted to announce our latest win for, taking home the Platinum award in the dotCOMM Awards, under the category of “Marketing, PR, Advertising, Digital Agency Website”.

The use of voice search is past the early adopter phase and is growing faster than we can imagine. In fact, according to forecasts 50% of all searches will use voice by 2020.

Before we dig deeper into how the rise voice search will change the future of the digital marketing space, let’s look at the core differences between voice search and text search.

One of the biggest marketing challenges for not-for-profit organisations is being able to drive relevant traffic through their websites for services provided. Fortunately, Google offers free search advertising for non-profits which provides an excellent opportunity to be competitive in Google for a very low cost compared to private organisations.