Customer Life-Time Value

We give lip service to the importance of customers and clients.  For businesses impacted negatively by COVID, whether we are B2B or B2C, maintaining, and indeed growing a solid base of loyal clients will be the difference between success and failure, there it is crucial to know the value of our most important asset.

We all have off days.  Days where the sky seems metallic grey rather than vibrant blue and smiles have an edge of irritation.  Sometimes, it can be healthy to complain; to vent as it allows us to bring things out into the open where there is a greater chance of them being dealt with constructively,

Centrality of Clients

In an environment still coming to terms with the impact of COVID, businesses in both B2B and B2C areas are asking themselves, if they can rely on the loyalty of customers they had prior to January 2020?

Rule of 7

The rule of 7 states, it takes 7 interactions with your brand before a person will engage with it and become a client or customer.