In the 70’s and 80’s the gap between for-profit and not-for-profit organisations was fairly clearly determined and articulated.  For-profits existed to provide profit to shareholders or in the absence of shareholders, profit to the owners of the business.  Nor-for-profits existed to provide philanthropic and charitable assistance to those who, for whatever reason had fallen through

Space, Silence and Creativity

Music is built on the harmonies of notes.  A statement which, while correct at one level is only half correct because music is also built on the spaces and rests between notes.  It is the balance of both silence and harmonies that create music. 

Nudge Theory

Choosing an apple or banana when paying for petrol because the fruit is where we pay or snacks in a vending machine replaced by healthy choices are examples where customers are nudged in their decision-making process.

Chess vs Checkers

Are you more of a chess or checkers (draughts) player when it comes to planning and implementing a strategy in your organisation?  These boards games generally played amongst friends, unless you play chess competitively, can assist us in reflecting and thinking about our style of leadership and implementing strategies.