Where to Hang your NFT?

Finding hanging space for your recently purchased NFT artwork is not something you need to worry about, for your artwork will in all likelihood never need to be hung.

Communication in 2021 is more complex and multifaceted than any other time within the past 40 years, despite having an ever-increasing number of communication platforms available to us that are supposed to make communication easier.

Building relationships

In the last article we considered the usefulness of using external experts to conserve the organisations, and our own energy so we can direct it to meet the mission and vision of the organisation.  To engage with external experts effectively takes thought and a willingness to invest time and energy in establishing a solid foundation

People are increasingly conscious of their energy use and consumption.  We are conscious of the need to reduce  energy, to conserve and use it  more effectively and efficiently.  Of course, in this, energy is the electricity, gas, or technology we use to power our homes and our workplaces, so we can maintain our lifestyle and