Game Theory

Businesses use to have one objective, to make a profit. It was comparatively simple; make a profit, keep shareholders happy, and issues about climate, carbon footprint and social responsibility were ignored, or at least of lesser importance than profitability. 

The Doors of Perception

How open are the doors of your client’s perception to your brand and the services you provide?

Facebook’s Corporate Citizenship

The business pages of the West Australian on Wednesday, 27 October, reported Zuckerberg was riled as a consequence of the bad press received by Facebook due to the documents provided by Frances Haugen to US Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Content Fatigue

It starts with that dry, gritty feeling in our eyes.  Blinking does not solve it.  In a hypnotic state, our eyes stare at the screen; our minds have the consistency of a wet sponge.  Content fatigue!