The purpose-built team at Tonic includes strategists, product specialists, designers and artists – an inspired combination of business acumen, consumer behaviour, digital/data know-how and creativity.



Data drives everything we do for our clients. We source widely – from internal channels, third parties and from our own deep analysis across web, Google and social. We then aggregate, validate and interrogate all that data to arrive at marketing insights that underpin creative content and drive decisions.


Every year we manage dozens of omni-channel campaigns for our clients and all campaigns are constantly optimised against their strategic objectives – whether it’s lead gen, engagement, brand metrics or advertising reach. We employ the principles and best practice of ‘test and learn’ to make sure your digital marketing operations are constantly fine-tuned for success.


We use the data and insights we’ve gathered to help our clients build focused but flexible marketing strategies tuned to the needs of their business and their clients. Our insights and an expert, independent viewpoint can help organisations move beyond campaigns to build long-term customer strategies.


Our multi-talented team share experience across a range of segments in Europe, Asia and North America. Each year we roll out more international campaigns for Australian clients who can see the growth potential in global markets. Our experience with translating media and message across different languages, cultures and market structures means we can deliver more effective digital marketing for growth focused clients.


Data and insights are only half the digital marketing toolkit. The art of digital marketing comes to life when you turn those insights into ideas, ads and campaigns that change client behaviour, drive sales and build brands. At Tonic, we produce award-winning work across design, copywriting, video, email, blogs and print. We even have our own sound production unit to help you harness the power of radio, podcasts and custom tracks.