Campaign Brief: Access Wellbeing Services launches new mental health app RESILnZ built by Tonic Digital

Access Wellbeing Services has launched a free, universal, preventative mobile app – RESILnZ – that helps West Australians build their resilience, wellbeing and mental strength through evidence-informed exercises and activities.

RESILnZ uses a range of features to build mental strength, including resilience exercises, mood monitoring, guided meditations, goal setting capabilities and podcast episodes. It also allows users to connect their Fitbit and Garmin watches to monitor the relationship between their heart-rate and mind.

The app was built by Perth-based Tonic Digital, which specialises in data-driven digital marketing. Tonic Digital Director, Brendan Collins, said the strong engagement provided by fitness apps acted as inspiration for the development of Resilnz.
“Resilnz is the perfect blend of industry know-how and user-friendly technology where the various indicators of resilience provided the foundation to create a holistic mental health app for working West Australians,” he said. “Resilnz uses various metrics to drive valuable ongoing insights for the end-user about their mental health. Like Fitbit but for your mind, the app taps into self-improvement and can motivate the user to strengthen their wellbeing, allowing them to work and perform at their optimum,” he said.

“The app provides a safe personalised user experience which is reflective in the engagement communications used throughout the app including reminders, tips and resources that are issued to users based on their mental performance.”

RESILnZ focuses on the ninety plus percent of the work force that is fundamentally “well” but at widely varying levels of fitness in each dimension of strength (emotional, social, physical, and spiritual).

The goal is to create a force of “optimally fit” individuals who can overcome stress-producing events and grow from these experiences. People who are optimally fit are more likely to pursue high levels of responsibility and to perform well under pressure; also, they have the decision-making skills and communication skills to be successful in life.

Additionally, when facing uncertainty and adversity, these same skills help these individuals to put the problems into an appropriate perspective, find meaning in their lives, reduce rumination and catastrophic thinking, and focus on finding solutions.

“Building resilience is one way we can all reduce our stress and risk of psychological injury at work and contribute to a more mentally healthy workplace,” said Tony Pietropiccolo, Director of Access Wellbeing Services. “It will always be important to treat mental health conditions but prevention is better than cure, and for the most part more cost effective,” he concluded.

Resilnz is available for free download on iTunes, Google Play & Windows Store.

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